From a very young age, I'd had always dabbled with stories and poems and shared them only with family and friends. It wasn't until I had a very powerful dream, a dream that became my first novel (titled Again) that I took my writing seriously. With many stories now lining up in my imagination, waiting to be written, I am committed to penning each and every one. To add more variety, I've started writing screenplays, and turning life events into fantasy tales. I'm all about the unusual. The stuff you don’t think about. Sometimes the stuff you don’t want to think about. I’m all about the stuff you cannot see, but can only feel. I dig deep, past the surface, to get to that place we forget to remember. I touch nerves. I touch hearts. I touch souls. And somewhere along the way, I hope I entertain.

Screenplay writer

Novel writing creates visions in your mind. Careful selection of the written word allows the reader to put themselves right next to the character, to live what they live. Sometimes, though, I feel the need to try a different medium. That's where screenplay writing comes in. Setting a story to film allows the mind to use a different sensory experience. All you need to do is sit back and let the images take you away... One feature (adapted version of my novel, Souled), and three shorts films later, I'm still honing my craft.

Seeker of truth

Some stories you can't make up. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction. I am currently I'm working on a biography of a man who has experienced the common rags to riches to rags to riches path, but his story is one of a twisted path of drugs and conflict, a story that continues to amaze me as it unfolds. His underlying strength and (sometimes wavering faith) his obvious path to educating others through his trials, is a story I am honored to tell. Very soon I will be taking to the road, exploring other cultures, giving me a fresh perspective on those I meet along the way.



Twice Upon a Time, an Anthology

What if the stories and fairytales you were told as a child were all lies? What if Happily Ever After was never meant to be? I have the great honor to be part of Twice Upon A Time, An Anthology. This is a collection of popular fairy tales that have been taken apart, twisted, and retold in ways you could never imagine. My story, along with 40+ others, are included in this collection.